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   Our family history as jewelers goes back almost 100 years. My dad's Uncle John Davis enrolled in the Elgin Watch School in Elgin Illinois in 1919. My dad, Edward Beets began training under Uncle John in 1939. Around 1949, he put in his own jewelry store and ran it until 1974. Ed & Billie Beets then took over the family jewelry store and have been making jewelry ever since. We're much more than just a retail store. In 1985 we began designing and mass producing jewelry for other stores across the US. We created many copyrighted designs and trademarked collections. Amys Collection TM,  Andys Collection TM, Birthstone Elegance TM. We recently designed a wildlife collection and trademarked Lucky Buck Club TM, and our Mississippi Magnolia Collection. We have many things to offer our customers and invite you to visit our store.

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Amy & Andy

Our Birthstone Collections
Registered Trademarks

    After many years of designing, we have created the largest and best birthstone line anywhere. Over 100 styles to choose from. All birthstone styles are manufactured right here in our own factory.


Amy's collection is a registered trademark of Southern Designs. Named after our daughter, this is a collection of young girl's birthstone jewelry. Pendants, earrings and rings are available in genuine and synthetic stones.


Andy's collection is a registered trademark of Southern Designs. Named after our son, this is a collection of gent's birthstone jewelry.


Birthstone Elegance is a registered trademark of Southern Designs. This is a large collection of ladies birthstone jewelry, rings, pendants and earrings.


Dia' Monet TM
Dia' Monet is a very high quality simulated stone mounted in 10kt. gold. This stone has
a hardness of 8.5. It can also withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees and is faceted on a diamond wheel just like a genuine diamond. This gives the stone a truly, diamond - like appearance. The side stones are high quality simulated birthstones. Unlike traditional birthstone styles , we put the
birthstones on the side and Dia' Monet in the center giving the ring the look of an expensive diamond ring.


Wildlife Jewelry Designs TM   and Lucky Buck Club TM
These are our newest trademarked collections. Wildlife gents rings, wildlife birthstone rings, lucky buck club pendants, first buck charms, and more. Click Here to see our wildlife collection.

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