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How Gold Is Refined?

Gold refining is an amazing process and an interesting topic. First of all , you must understand that 10kt. , 14kt etc. contain only about 1/2 pure gold and the other is alloys.  Refining removes the 24kt. portion from the metal.
The first step is to melt the scrap and pour the hot molten metal into water, which results in small thin metal flakes. The reason for this is so the acid will be able to dissolve the metal more rapidly. A mixture of two acids are mixed at a specific ratio creating a very potent mixture. We will not disclose this information for your safety because we don't want anyone trying this at home. This is the only mixture which will dissolve pure gold.
After all metals have dissolved, the metals are now in a suspended solution state. The acid is now a greenish gold color created by copper and gold. If you had dissolved only 24kt. gold, the solution would be bright gold, dissolved silver would be aqua blue and copper would be green etc. The liquid is then filtered to remove all solids that might be in the solution because they would contaminate the gold in the next step.. A certain chemical is then added to the solution while stirring, which causes the 24kt. gold to precipitate and drop to the bottom. The solution is now poured through a filter where the gold sludge is collected. The next step is to place the filter containing the gold sludge into a crucible and melt it in an oven at around 1600 degrees. The next step is to melt with fire. To help remove all purities an oxidizer is added and the molten gold is poured into a mold. The results will be 24kt. pure gold. The pure gold can now be sold or alloyed to make 10kt. or 14kt. gold for jewelry making.

By Ed Beets



Can A Diamond Break?
The answer is yes and this is more common in low quality stones.
Advice, never buy a diamond without looking through a microscope. Would you buy a car from a mile away? More advice, never buy a diamond with surface cracks. There are plenty out there, we see it every day. Even though a diamond is the hardest substance known , that does not mean it will not break. Breaking and hardness are not the same meaning. All diamonds have a grain and low quality diamonds may have fractures that may only be visible under a microscope. A poor quality stone with visible cracks is much more likely to break than a higher quality stone. 20 years ago a diamond breaking was almost unheard of because higher quality stones were sold back then. Now we have people buying on the Internet, site unseen, misrepresented grading, and your foreign friend that says he is factory direct, yea, right. Trust me, whether you buy a diamond from us or someone else, make sure it's a jeweler that has a microscope and knows diamonds and what to look for. You will pay no more and get professional service.

By Ed & Billie Beets    Sept 23 -2010


What Is A Clarity Enhanced Diamond?
To put it into easy to understand terms, a clarity enhanced diamond is a diamond which contains a visible inclusion.   The diamond is drilled down to the inclusion and the carbon is dissolved with acid leaving a cavity which is filled with a clear epoxy. The problem comes in when the jeweler works on your ring with fire. The epoxy is going to turn black and you will have to send it back to have it replaced.
Note: Southern Jewelry does not offer or sell clarity enhanced stones.

By Ed & Billie Beets    Sept 17-2010


Why does my jewelry tarnish?
Gold jewelry that is stamped 10kt., 14kt. or 18kt. has alloys added. Only 24kt. fine gold is guaranteed not to tarnish. Fine gold is too soft to make jewelry, so this is why alloys are added. Why does white gold sometimes have a yellowing effect after wearing it for a while? The answer is very simple, it is the presence of 24 kt. yellow gold. White gold alloys are added to the 24kt. gold for coloring and karat, just like mixing colors for paint. The only problem is that the yellow portion cannot be changed, making it impossible to achieve a true white color. This is why all white gold jewelry is plated with a bright white rhodium finish which must be replated from time to time. Why does some white gold jewelry give problems and others do not? Some reasons are wear, chemicals, body acids, different alloys and the thickness of the rhodium plate. Is a thicker rhodium plate better? A thicker plate will hold up longer and a lot of the foreign manufactures are practicing this. This is not the answer and is only creating another problem. The gold karat changes as more rhodium is added. In other words , your 14kt. ring may no longer be 14kt. gold. If you prefer white gold, it's really no trouble to get a new rhodium finish from time to time. You also get a free jewelry cleaning , prongs checked and your jewelry looks brand new again. If you're looking for the white color and don't mind spending the extra money, then platinum may be the answer for you. Platinum is a pure metal with no alloys added. "For More About Jewelry And Diamonds" Visit Our Web Site At www.southernjewelry.com

By Ed & Billie Beets



What You Need To Know About Selling Your Gold

They only offered me $80 and I paid $300.  This is not always the case depending on what it is you're selling. Some even get more than they originally paid because of the high gold price. When you buy a ring, you're paying for labor, gold, and stones. Sometimes the gold is only a small portion of the value. Labor is lost when selling gold but the stones may or may not have value depending on quality. Usually, small stones sold by chain stores are so low in quality that they have no use or value to anyone, we usually just give them to the refiner. If a ring weighs 4 grams, there is actually about $60 in real gold that can be retrieved from this item. You also have to consider whether it is 10kt. 14kt. , to determine the actual gold content.  It takes 31.106 grams to equal one ounce of gold. It would take 75 grams of 10kt. to make one ounce of pure gold.

Selling your gold to TV marketers is a bad idea ?    
Why would you want to prepare a package, mail it, pay to mail it, don't forget the insurance and send it to someone you don't know?   Once you mail it, you just lost control of your property.. Why not drive to stores that buy gold and shop around for the best price.

What do we do with the gold ?    
We send it to a gold refiner and have the 24kt. gold retrieved from the scrap, or get paid.

Why sell your gold to Southern Jewelry?    
We offer you two choices, sell your scrap gold to us for money or get a store credit.   You're scrap gold is money at our store. Get a store credit and we will pay you full gold price of the day.  This allows you to get full value for your scrap gold. This is absolutely the highest price around. Nobody pays full gold except Southern Jewelry, $15 - $20 dollars a gram if you spend it in our store.

By Ed & Billie Beets


"Personal Message From The Owner"
Todays jewelers are faced with overwhelming expectations by customers today. Most jewelry sold today by chain stores, internet, TV etc. is , "Hate To Be Rude", but is pure junk.
Stones are set in wax before the ring is cast which is called set in place casting. The diamonds are so small, we have to set them under a microscope. The prongs are just a little bigger than
a human hair, you're going to have trouble. When these stones fall out when in cleaner or being sized, it is no longer a cleaning or sizing job for the jeweler, it's a setting job. Now the only reason
stones come out is because of poor design and workmanship. When a prong is this small, there is no pronging that can be done, our only choice is to just scrape a little gold over the edge of the
stone. This is not the correct way of doing things but your only choice.
We cannot warranty our repairs when we are forced to deal with repairing such products.