Store Policy & Disclaimers
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424 Broad Street.   Columbia, Ms.


:   Money Back only within 24 hrs of your purchase.   No returns if products has been damaged, sized, altered, special ordered, or custom made.


Watch Batteries: We are not responsible if a back does not go back on a watch after installing a battery.

Burglary And Your Repair: Southern Jewelry does not have insurance to cover your jewelry while it is in our store. We will not be responsible for your jewelry in the event of a burglary, you are responsible for you own insurance on your property.

New Items Warranty: New items sold are warranted for a period of 90 days excluding abuse.

Repair Warranty: We try hard to do the best work possible. There are too many factors in warranting a repair. No warranty after it leaves our shop inspect your jewelry when picked up.

Stones Falling Out While Cleaning Or Repairing Your Jewelry:  Stones that fall out when being worked on or cleaned or repaired come out because they are loose or improperly set or designs poorly. Southern Jewelry is not responsible and you will be charged for resetting stones.

Stones Falling Out While Repairing Jewelry: Stones comming out while sizing is common with the way rings are made nowadays. You will be charged for resetting stones in this event.

Repairs left over 60 days:  becomes property of Southern Jewelry Inc. and may be sold.

Clairity Enhanced Diamonds .    If a diamond has been clarity enhanced, this will lead to many problems when being worked on. Heat and cleaners will reveal the enhanced inclusions. Southern Jewelry will not the responsible for issues with clarity enhanced diamonds.

Diamond Solitare Waiver.    Insuring your diamonds is your personal responsibility. Stones rarely break while being worked on but does happen and is usually due to fractures or weak areas in the stone which could have been present at the time of purchase or due to an event caused by you. Southern Jewelry will not be held responsible for stone breaking while being worked on.